Free Stock Photo Sites to Help You Create Viral Pins

If you want your pins to take off and become viral pins that bring consistent traffic to your site, you need to have good images.

Often it’s quicker and easier to pay for images but especially when you’re starting out it can feel like an expense that you can’t afford.

But you can’t afford to use bad images either! I’ve put together a list of fantastic places where you can hunt out some amazing free images.

Help Your Social Media Posts be Seen With Better Images

Most social media platforms are visual so if you don’t have good images, you won’t stand out on any social media.

Don’t stand out equals don’t get the traffic you want.

Get Easy Pinterest Traffic with Good Images

Pinterest tells us that we need enticing images and an enticing message that will attract our target reader.

It is impossible to rock Pinterest without using good quality images.

Find Your Images Quickly

It’s easy to waste hours searching through hundreds of free stock photo sites just to end up with the first image that you found.

When you’re setting out, you probably want to keep your costs down. But you NEED those images right? What are you to do?

Here are some free sites to get you started on your beautiful image journey.

How to Find Stock Images Efficiently

Your site needs a “look”, the style of image that you use and gives your site a uniform and professional look.

Spend one evening taking a look at lots of sites but pick out 1 or 2 that are your “go to”.

Stick to your “go to” sites!

If you can afford it, pay for better quality stock photos. (I seriously recommend the Appsumo deal mentioned below.)

Images are important but don’t waste hours looking for the perfect one. Set a limit, and pick the best of the ones that you find.

Free Stock Photos from Pixabay.

Pixabay is an awesome place to start out. It has some amazing photos that you can use for free. You don’t even need a credit (be sure to check the licence).

Be warned, they aren’t ALL good photos. Better to have no photo that a substandard one.

Try this little trick with Pixabay. When you find a great image, click on the photographer’s profile. You can see all the other photos that they have done. Chances are if you like one, you’ll find a few more that you like.

Creative Commons,


Photos vary in quality and again you have to check the license. Some you can use free, others you need to link to. Don’t loose hours searching for a good image.


Unsplash does beautiful arty photos. You can download them or sign up for a newsletter. They are amazing pictures but I find that I don’t use that many. It depends on your niche and your branding. I find that they do more “sultry” than the “bright clean” images that I use on my site.

Death to the Stock Photo.

You sign up for their newsletter and they send you a pack every month. Beautiful photos but I don’t use that many as they aren’t my niche.

They also have a premium level membership.

Free Clip Art

Open Clip art (icons and little images).

1001 Free downloads clip art.

Embed Free Images from Getty Images

Getty Images will let you embed some of their images for free. They have lovely photos but if you’re going to embed them, you can’t download them and edit them. But that may work for you.

Good Options for “Bargain Stock Photos”

Deposit Photo do an offer with AppSumo. Around $40 for 100 images. Normally they do it twice a year.

It’s worth keeping an eye out for and then stocking up!

beautiful images. Here is a fantastic list of free stock images to get you started. #business #blogging #traffic #images #entrepreneur

Free Trials of Stock Images

You might need to enter your credit card and then remember to cancel if you don’t want to carry on.


Adobe 10 images

Creative Market. (Changes every week I think.)

Graphic Stock 7 day free trial (20 images per day). Normally starts at $79 a month.

Canva Free and Paid Images

Canva is both an online editor and seller of stock photos. They have great templates for infographics. You can use their images and starting at $1 each. (They also have links to the free stock images but they are similar to other free stock sites.)(Pricing.)


Free Diversity Images

This blog has a great post on where to find free and paid diversity images.


Come and Share Your Pins

Remember, a viral pin needs to have an enticing image and an enticing message that attracts your target reader.

Come and join the Easy Pinterest Traffic FB group and share your latest pin there. (There is a weekly share thread. Otherwise you can share a pin if you’re asking for feedback.)

beautiful images. Here is a fantastic list of free stock images to get you started. #business #blogging #traffic #images #entrepreneur

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