66 Pinterest Group Boards for the Parenting Niche


I'm going to give you some fair warning. This list of Pinterest group boards in the parenting niche is seriously addictive!

If you didn't plan to spend the next few hours on Pinterest, bookmark this post so that you can come back to it and hop on these group boards.  

A rising tide lifts all boats. 

Pinterest Group Boards Help Increase Your Reach

One of the fastest ways to organically grow your audience on Pinterest is to collaborate with other business owners.  Just like you, they are looking for content to share with their following and fill up their schedules.

Group boards are an amazing way to put your content in front of new eyeballs.  When you contribute your pins to a group board they are seen by all followers of that board even they don't follow you.  

Here are a few quick tips when joining Pinterest Group Boards.

Tip #1 Each group board has their own rules, so make sure that you follow them or risk having your pins deleted or worst, being kicked out of the group.

Tip #2 To join a group board, you'll have to follow on Pinterest the actual group board and the owner.  To find the owner, click on the grey circle that represents the number of contributors.  A pop up will appear with a list of contributors.  The very first one will be the owner, so make sure you click the follow button beside their name.  

Tip #3 Each board will have instruction on how to join in their description.  For some, you have to send an email to the owner, leave a comment on a specific pin, or even send the board owner a Pinterest message.  

Not All Pinterest Group Boards are Created Equal

You want to make sure that you join group boards that your readers are likely to be in. If you write about rabbits, don't go joining a "lion" group board. Those lion lovers aren't going to be interested in reading about your rabbits. (Well most of them aren't.)

Look for group boards with good engagement. If they are super large with contributors pinning every few minutes, your pins will get lost in the sea of pins.

If they're too small, there won't be any followers to see your beautiful pins.

It can take a bit of trial and error to find your best group boards.

Pinterest Group Boards for the Kids and Parenting Niche

  1. Toddlers
  2. Healthy Eating for Children
  3. Parenting for All By SnottyNoses
  4. Adventures in Parenting {Group Board}
  5. Parenting
  6. Family Fun
  7. Crafts For Kids - Embracing Creativity
  8. Parenting: Pregnancy, Babies, Toddlers, & Kids
  9. Kids and Family
  10. All Things Parenting!
  11. Pregnancy and Parenting on Pinterest
  12. *Kids & Parenting*
  13. Parenting Tips From Moms
  14. Parenting - Crafts, Activities, Cooking and Games
  15. Blogging Moms
  16. Pro Parenting Tips, Tricks, Ideas, and Advice
  17. Parenting & Kids
  18. Gentle Parenting | Mom Resources
  19. Kids + Parenting
  20. **PARENTING: Helpful tips**
  21. Kid Friendly
  22. Family Fun | Travel | Recipes | Motherhood | Parenting | ...and More!
  23. Mommy Bloggers Activity & Parenting Posts<3
  24. Parenting and Pregnancy Pins
  25. Everything Parenting
  26. Toddlers
  27. Parenting | Child and Adolescent Mental Health
  28. Parenting Advice {Group Board - LTR}
  29. Casual Parenting
  30. Parenting Bloggers Share Your Posts!
  31. ♥ | Smart Parenting Posts From The BEST Bloggers! | ♥
  32. Family, Parenting, & Homeschooling Helps
  33. Parenting Advice
  34. Group: Natural parenting
  35. Parenting Advice and Support
  36. Parenting
  37. Parenting & Motherhood 
  38. Natural Parenting Kids and Babies
  39. Family and Parenting Group Board
  40. Parenting Bloggers Turbo Group Board
  41. Savvy Moms Bloggers Group Board
  42. Mom's Run the World- Group Board
  43. Mom Blog Articles
  44. Christian Parenting Tips (Group)
  45. ♥ | FOR Moms By Moms | ♥
  46. ♥ | Daily Parenting Pins | ♥
  47. Parenting tips - How to deal with our little rugrats!
  48. Best of Parent and Family Life
  49. Parenting
  50. Parenting Bloggers Post Share
  51. Parenting & Mom Hacks (Group Board)
  52. The Mom Life | Parenting Tips, Stories, & Inspiration
  53. Purposeful Parenting
  54. Teaching Kids
  55. Parenting Tips
  56. Mom's Library
  57. For Kids
  58. 0-3 Reggio Montessori
  59. Name Activities and Crafts
  60. Creative Kindergarten
  61. A Toddler's World
  62. Modern Parenting
  63. Natural Parenting
  64. This Crazy Life - Posts by Bloggers
  65. Emotions - Activities (H4HK)
  66. All Things Motherhood

 I hope this list of group boards will help you thrive in the parenting and kids niche, and give you a healthy dose of Pinterest browsing.

Woman entrepreneur working from home and enjoying the freedom of a flexible life. #pinterest #socialmedia #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #blogging #blogtips

Woman entrepreneur working from home and enjoying the freedom of a flexible life. #pinterest #socialmedia #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #blogging #blogtips

Woman entrepreneur working from home and enjoying the freedom of a flexible life. #pinterest #socialmedia #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #blogging #blogtips

Woman entrepreneur working from home and enjoying the freedom of a flexible life. #pinterest #socialmedia #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #blogging #blogtips

Woman entrepreneur working from home and enjoying the freedom of a flexible life. #pinterest #socialmedia #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #blogging #blogtips

Woman entrepreneur working from home and enjoying the freedom of a flexible life. #pinterest #socialmedia #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #blogging #blogtips

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