53 Pinterest Entrepreneur and Business Group Boards for the Working Mom

This list of Pinterest group Boards for entrepreneurs and business is awesome for two reasons.

To begin with, being an entrepreneur and a working mom, you probably realized you need to wear many hats.  From learning social media marketing skills to creating a brand for your business, we could always use inspirations and a good dose of how-to's.

And if your business is to help working moms thrive online, this is an amazing resource to showcase your services and grow your audience.

Joining Pinterest group boards can be tricky.  Here are some tips to keep in mind.

First, each group board has their own rules, so make sure that you follow them or risk having your pins deleted or worst, being kicked out. Yikes!

Second, to join a group board, you normally have to follow on Pinterest the actual group board and the owner.  To find the owner, click on the grey circle that represents the number of contributors.  A pop up will appear with a list of contributors.  The very first one will be the owner, so make sure you click the follow button beside their name.  

Remember, each board will have instructions on how to join in their description.  For some, you have to send an email to the owner, leave a comment on a specific pin, or even send the board owner a Pinterest message. 

Remember to check out the Group Board Rules

Each group board in Pinterest has it's own set of rules as to what you can pin and how often. Some request that you pin from that board and I've even seen people specify that you have to pin from their site to a "favourite's board".

Their group board, their rules. You just need to follow them.

Why bother to join a group board?

Group boards can be a fantastic way to reach a whole new audience. You want to make sure that audience is your target audience (i.e. people who are actually interested in what you're writing about.)

You also want to check that it's a reasonably engaged group board. If it's too big and people are pinning every few minutes, your pins will get lost and won't be seen by anyone.

Too small and hardly anyone pinning and there won't be any engaged readers either.

Sometimes you just have to keep an eye on how your pins are doing.

Pinterest Group Boards for the Entrepreneur and Working Mom Niche

  1. Female Entrepreneur Tips
  2. Entrepreneur Success
  3. Small Business Tips
  4. Branding and Business Tips
  5. Entrepreneurship Enclave
  6. Create, Market & Sell Online Courses
  7. Blog and Business Tips
  8. Entrepreneurship Enclave
  9. Create, Market & Sell Online Courses
  10. Blog and Business Tips
  11. Freelance Resources
  12. Girl Boss // Inspiration Group Board
  13. Entrepreneur Success
  14. Branding and Business Tips
  15. Blogging for Business Group Board
  16. Creative Business - Women Entrepreneurs
  17. Money Saving Mom - Group Board
  18. >Mom to Mompreneur<
  19. Blogging Tips
  20. WAHM Empire
  21. Mompreneur Tips + Business
  22. Creative Entrepreneurs Group Resources
  23. Entrepreneur Advertising Group
  24. Freelance Fierce | Group Board
  25. Creative Women Entrepreneurs
  26. rebel entrepreneurs
  27. #GemNation - Inspiration for Entrepreneurs
  28. Digital Marketing Group Board
  29. Online entrepreneur
  30. Infopreneur Resources // Creative Entrepreneurs
  31. Email Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs
  32. Design + Branding Inspiration Group Board
  33. Turbo Blogging & Business Group Board
  34. Tips for Female Entrepreneurs
  35. Monetize Your Blog (Group Board)
  36. Group Board-Motivational, Inspiring Quotes & Sayings For Female Entrepreneurs, GirlBoss, Boss Babes
  37. Female Entrepreneurs + Bloggers
  38. Biz Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs
  40. Social Media Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs
  41. Social Media Marketing for Bloggers & Creative Entrepreneurs
  42. Women Entrepreneurs Represent!!
  43. Social Media Marketing for Bloggers & Creative Entrepreneurs
  44. The Pinterest Group Board
  45. Entrepreneur
  46. Creative's Corner Community Board
  47. All About Blogging Group Board
  48. :: Blogging Treasure ::

I hope you enjoy scouring these Entrepreneur and Business Pinterest group boards.  Are there any favorite group boards for working moms you have that we missed?

Let me know and I'll add them to this amazing list of entrepreneur and business group boards.

Woman entrepreneur working from home and enjoying the freedom of a flexible life. #pinterest #socialmedia #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #blogging #blogtips

Woman entrepreneur working from home and enjoying the freedom of a flexible life. #pinterest #socialmedia #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #blogging #blogtips

 Woman entrepreneur working from home and enjoying the freedom of a flexible life. #pinterest #socialmedia #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #blogging #blogtips

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